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The Duncaster Board

We work hard to ensure the long-term health and well-being of the community and its residents as well as providing employment opportunities.

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CEO Michael O'Brien

Michael O' Brien

Board Member Frank Barrett

Frank W. Barrett

Board Member James Betts

James Betts

Board Member Brian Clemow

Brian Clemow

Board Member John Downes

John Downes

Board Member Marcia Hincks

Marcia L. Hincks

Board Member Lenworth Jacobs

Lenworth Jacobs

Board Member Fredrick Knauft

R. Frederic Knauft

Board Member Deborah Koltenuk

Deborah Koltenuk

Board Member Nancy Leonard

Nancy Leonard

Board Member David Parmelee

David W. Parmelee

Board Member Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds

Board Member Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson

Board Member Lawrence Rothfield

Lawrence Rothfield

Board Member Noreen Shugrue

Noreen Shugrue

Board Member John Shulansky

John D. Shulansky

Board Member Marie Spivey

Dr. Marie M. Spivey

Board Member Dan Tracy

Daniel C. Tracy

Board Member John Wheat

John Wheat


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