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From the Immediate Past Foundation Chairman

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Edward Fowler Foundation ChairmanIn our first five years of life at Duncaster, my wife Carolyn and I have been inspired by the community’s pervasive spirit of caring both for one another and also for the broader community beyond our campus. This is reflected in the culture of giving that supports Duncaster’s charitable missions. This spirit of caring and giving is not new, and it’s not even recent. The very creation of Duncaster in the mid 1980’s was made possible by generous supporters who believed in the impossible dream – a dream of what must have then seemed a radical experiment, but is now a model for active adult living and world-class health care for seniors.

That philanthropic sense of charitable mission — endemic to Duncaster’s history — has moved the community from success to success in expanding its charitable mission over the years. The new aquatic and wellness center built in 2005 – serving the local community as well as Duncaster residents – is but one example. More recently, resident contributions funded a major part of the reconstruction and expansion of Duncaster’s dining facilities, which opened in August of 2011.

Charitable caring, giving and sharing are centered here at a free-standing charitable foundation called, unsurprisingly, The Duncaster Foundation, Inc. – a 501(c)(3) IRS-approved public charity entitled to receive tax-deductible gifts. The hard-working volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for prudent investment of the Foundation’s funds, and the 13-member Development Committee of residents and directors designs and implements a variety of programs to enlist contribution in furtherance of Duncaster’s charitable goals.

The Duncaster Foundation houses many opportunities and charitable missions. I hope you will join Carolyn and me, and Duncaster’s many other friends who believe the Duncaster mission deserves their support.

Edward Fowler
Immediate Past Chairman
Duncaster Foundation Board

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