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Duncaster GaragesGarage Interior

Duncaster is excited to offer garages!  You can have your very own garage at Duncaster!

Benefits of Having a Garage:

  • Weather protection
  • Keep your sportster clean
  • Additional storage
  • No scraping ice in the winter or getting into a steamy car in summer.
  • Complete environment and sun protection all year long.
  • Like to tinker with your car? You will have a great place to play.
  • Provides a safe place to store your car, bicycle, scooter or motorcycle.

Space beyond that of your car for things like, auto detailing supplies and vacuum, skis, sporting goods, camp chairs, snow shoes, kayaks and more…

Wish you still had that workbench?  You can create a nice work area by adding a table and work space in your garage storage area.  Your garage is roomy enough for your vehicle and your workbench.

Store your seasonal decorations, tools, bicycles, cross-country skis, beach chairs, golf clubs and more.

Want to play ping-pong with the grandkids? Move your car out of your garage, set up the table and you are ready to show the kids how it’s done!  Or you may simply take the children to the game room in Duncaster Commons instead.

Each garage has interior lighting, remote door opener and electrical outlets inside.

Garages are to be purchased and will carry a maintenance fee. This way you do not have to worry about upkeep and you may go about your busy, active life without worries.

The single-bay garages are available and will be opening their doors to you with the single push of a button on your remote.

Call Nancy at (860)380-5124 (Mondays-Fridays)  for more information and to reserve your bay today.

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