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Giving at Duncaster

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How to Give

There is much to giving.  Below is a brief overview of what's available.  For the full story, please visit our sister site on giving to the Duncaster Foundation.

Please consider making a donation to The Duncaster Foundation. Perhaps, you wish to remember and honor one of our residents. Or, you are interested in a particular service we provide our community. Whatever the reason for your donation, it will be used wisely to benefit the lives of seniors who reside at Duncaster and others who are served by Duncaster. The Duncaster Foundation has been designated a 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service; your contribution will be tax-deductible.

Duncaster Giving Site


There is a Variety of Ways You Can Help The Foundation Help Our Senior Citizens:

  • You may simply write a check today using our donation form
  • .
  • You may transfer stock that has appreciated and gain income tax benefits.
  • You may include the Foundation in your will. Thus, you can preserve and enjoy your assets during your lifetime; this gift will only take effect after your other obligations have ceased.
  • You may benefit the Foundation while continuing to receive income via a variety of planned giving programs.

Call Vanessa Giannasi, Foundation Director, at 860-380-5021 to discuss these options.


Caring and Giving at Duncaster

“Caring” and “giving” have been watchwords at Duncaster from its inception in 1984. In Duncaster’s earliest days a fund was created to ensure that no resident would have to leave because they had outlived their retirement funds. Over time, Duncaster’s culture of giving has been responsible for funding our acclaimed Caleb Hitchcock Health Center, our community-oriented aquatic and wellness center and many other additions and services for our residents and neighbors. In 1994 the culture was formalized with the establishment of The Duncaster Foundation, Inc., a non-profit charitable foundation to support Duncaster’s charitable missions including providing a high-quality, resident-centered independent lifestyle for senior adults, assisted living services and skilled nursing facilities as needed.

“Community” is another concept central to Duncaster’s charitable mission. The Duncaster Foundation enhances the quality of life not only for the senior community living at Duncaster, but also the quality of life of the greater community in the area. Current examples are Duncaster’s annual contributions to the Bloomfield Ambulance Association, Prosser Library, the Visual Arts program of the Bloomfield schools and other local organizations.

The Foundation’s Funds

The Duncaster Foundation mission is supported through a number of funds, both general and special purpose.

Endowment Fund: This Fund is a long-term endowment whose income supports Duncaster’s overall mission in many ways, including contributions to operations to help fund employee salaries and benefits and quality-of-life projects for the Duncaster community.

Resident Assistance Fund: This is the oldest of the Special Purpose Funds. It helps residents who need assistance in the payment of fees. In this way, it helps to assure the continuity of the community. Over the years those residents, who needed financial assistance through no fault of their own, have been able to continue at Duncaster because of generous contributions to this Fund.

Caleb Hitchcock Fund: The ‘Caleb’ Fund provides support for the improvement of the facilities or services at Duncaster's Caleb Hitchcock Health Center. Recent examples include the addition of recliner chairs, cordless telephones and additional large screen TVs.

Harlow Savage Fund: In honor of his wife who had been cared for at Duncaster’s cognitive-impaired facility, a former resident bequeathed this substantial fund to conduct Alzheimer research and provide ‘quality-of-life’ services for residents experiencing cognitive impairment.

Education Fund: Contributions to this Fund make it possible to offer educational assistance to Duncaster employees so that they can continue to grow in their chosen fields. Annually, several awards are made to help fund employees’ educational development.

Hubbard Fund: This fund, which was created in honor of former residents, recognizes the work of our talented staff. Each year the Fund gives an honorarium to two employees for “exemplary service.”

Davis Library Fund: Established originally by one of Duncaster’s founders who was also a resident, John M. K. Davis, this Fund provides for the future needs of our library, which has been heralded as one of the best libraries at any retirement community in the country.

Community Fund: Contributions to the Community Fund help finance projects requested by residents to enhance the community’s quality of life. Some examples of recent Community Fund projects include improvement of the Duncaster greenhouse, maintenance of community gardens and addition of more bridge tables.

Music & Program Fund:  Contributions to this Fund help support live entertainment and educational programs at Duncaster for the benefit of residents and members of the local community.


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