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LifeCare at Duncaster Retirement Community

LifeCare is like long term care insurance on steroids. LifeCare offers Duncaster residents the financial security that if their health ever changes, they will never pay the high cost of long termcare. It offers the independence and peace of mind that comes with freedom from many of the concerns older adults often face. Distinct levels of service are:

A LifeCare Agreement Provides:

  • An independent lifestyle
  • A wide range of services and amenities for an engaging lifestyle
  • Fitness and aquatic programs, and a range of social, cultural and recreational activities to help you stay healthy and enjoy life
  • Financial, emotional and physical security
  • Skilled nursing care at no or nominal additional cost

There is a health qualification for the LifeCare benefit and it is only offered to those eligible for independent living.

Additional Aspects to Duncaster's LifeCare:

  • Estate conservation tool
  • Annual medical tax deduction related to the monthly fee
  • One-time medical tax deduction in the year in which the Entrance Fee is paid
  • Predictable costs for long-term care into the future
  • No additional monthly fee when and if long-term care is used

Now that you never have to worry about where to obtain health services, you are freer to enjoy life. Duncaster offers many different social, cultural and recreational activities and programs to help you stay healthy and engaged.

LifeCare On The Go™

Duncaster Pioneers the first and only LifeCare On The Go™ program in the nation!
Read all about it here.

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