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Discover LifeCare on the Go®

Duncaster’s LifeCare on the Go® is a new concept in life-long health care for today's mobile and active seniors. This residency option offers members all benefits of living in a lifecare community, including lifetime long-term care, without requiring you to live at Duncaster. It addresses similar 'what ifs' as long-term care insurance, but offers stronger benefits than most insurance policies. LifeCare on the Go® also includes the optional use of a furnished Duncaster apartment home. Participants can reserve these accommodations for up to six months in a calendar year.

Once becoming a LifeCare on the Go® resident members need not worry about where they will receive assisted living services or long-term skilled nursing care in the future. In addition, you'll never have to worry about being eligible for residency at Duncaster in the future because you became full-fledged residents by joining LifeCare on the Go®.

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Additional Aspects to Duncaster's LifeCare:

A limited number of LifeCare On The Go™ memberships are available.

To learn more, contact Nancy Sproat at:
NSproat@Duncaster.org or (860) 380-5005