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Caleb Hitchcock
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Short-Term Rehab at Duncaster's Caleb Hitchcock Health Center

Exceptional rehabilitation services are available following orthopedic surgery and for conditions requiring inpatient care.

Rehabilitative care can be an important part of getting you back into the life you love.  If you are planning orthopedic surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement, or have a medical condition requiring inpatient subacute rehabilitation, look to Duncaster's Caleb Hitchcock Health Center for exceptional short-term and long-term rehabilitation.

Our full time, on-site rehabilitation staff specializes in geriatric and sub-acute rehabilitation across the entire spectrum of needs, including orthopedic. neurological and cardiac conditions. You'll find physical, occupational and speech therapy services seven days a week to facilitate the quickest recovery possible.

Each individual referred to Caleb Hitchcock's therapy services receives a comprehensive evaluation and is an active participant in the development of his or her own treatment plan. Our staff will work with your family, caregivers and interdisciplinary healthcare team to assure that all of your physical, cognitive and therapeutic needs are addressed.  The goal of therapy is to restore the highest level of independence necessary for:

  • Self care
  • Home management
  • Mobility
  • Transfers (e.g. in and out of bed, chair, tub, etc)
  • Communication and swallowing abilities

The rehabilitation department at Caleb Hitchcock features state-of-the-art equipment in a pleasant, soothing environment. Whether you're admitted for reconditioning after an acute episode, extensive rehabilitation for a medical condition, or are referred for therapy, you will receive the most appropriate care plan for your needs, Those requiring continued services after discharge from a short-term stay can transition to outpatient rehabilitation to assist with their continued recovery.

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Choosing a rehabilitation center is a difficult and often urgent matter. Duncaster’s Director of Admissions for its Health Center does her absolute best to respond to your questions and inquiries quickly. Call Elizabeth Rios, (LPN) and she will take time to answer all your questions.

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