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Duncaster Retirement Quiz

 You Know Duncaster is a Good Fit When...

The following "quiz" is just for you.  We collect none of your responses.  This form is for personal educational purposes only.  You may print it and keep it as a reference for when you call us to learn more.  Call us at 860-380-5006.

We hope you find these questions useful as you consider your future living needs.  Compliments of Duncaster Boutique Senior Retirement Community, 40 Loeffler Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002.

The decision to move to a retirement community is something many seniors are considering.  But when is the right time to move?  And how can you know when you’ve waited too long and will need to consider other options like assisted living or nursing home care?

Questions About RetirementMany older adults struggle with these decisions because it’s a significant change in lifestyle.  The idea of moving as we age can be overwhelming. The truth is that many seniors have experienced the thoughts and signals that tell them it’s time to make a lifestyle change.  The most important thing to consider is whether the move feels logical to them.

We offer this quiz to help older adults sort out these issues and help them answer four questions:

  • What are the signs that it is time to look into a retirement community?
  • What are the health changes that signal a need to move soon?
  • What are the signals that it’s time to act quickly?
  • What are the developments that indicate I’ve delayed too long and really need assisted living or long term nursing care instead?

First Question: What are the signs that it is time for me to look into a move to a retirement community?
Check all that apply.  If you check three or more, it’s time to start your search for the right retirement community.

You feel like your house owns you
You rely on others more than you used to
You’ve been hit by one or more unexpected expenses
You don’t have children or relatives to lean on in an emergency or you want to remain independent of leaning on them
Your children’s relationships are being upset by you
Your children call to check on you more frequently than before
You depend on your children more than you like
Your health is starting to change
You have trouble sleeping
You no longer get joy out of working around the house/yard
You are lonely
You feel like you are a burden to friends and family
You worry about your spouse if something happens to you
You’re becoming less comfortable driving
Your life is intruding on others’ lives


Second Question: What are the health changes that signal I need to move to retirement community soon?
Check all those that apply.  If you check two or more, it’s time to consider this move seriously.

Changing vision prevents you from driving at night
Your cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes are less under control
You’re not focusing on eating properly
You find it hard to get out and/or you’re socially isolated within your house
You no longer participate in things that interested you a year ago like physical activity, work or volunteerism or social activities
Others notice that you’ve gained or lost weight
Eating or preparing meals feels like a bother
You want to maintain your good health
You miss companionship
Your house and yard are becoming neglected or you have less strength for, or interest in, its upkeep


Third Question: What are the signals that tell me it’s time to act quickly?
Check all those that apply.  If you check three or more, it’s time to consider this move soon.

You’ve had a health scare and recuperated from it
You think, “It will never happen to me”
There is no one geographically close who could rush to your aid when the unexpected happens
You’ve endured a power outage of three or four days in the last few years
You’re facing a major home repair within the next year
Your neighborhood is changing and you don’t know your neighbors
Your friends have moved
Your children are starting to ask about your future plans
Your spouse may have trouble managing if something happens to you
You have trouble sleeping
Several rooms in your house are rarely in use
You’re starting to slow down
You seek more intellectual opportunities
Your social circle is shrinking


Fourth Question: What are the developments that indicate I’ve waited too long and really need assisted living or long term nursing care instead?
Check all those that apply.  If you check two or more, this may apply to you.

You are forgetful
You just don’t care
You can no longer manage your own life
You are no longer in control
You can’t live alone
You have a paid companion to “keep you company"
Others do your cooking, laundry, cleaning, yard work, bill paying, etc.
You need a nursing home
You’re not safe living alone
Someone sets up your medications for you
Someone helps you take your medications
You’re diagnosed with a progressive illness
Your children are making decisions for you


“The move to a retirement community offers people the opportunity to remove themselves from the burdens of maintaining a house; to devote their time to the activities they love; to feel the security of knowing they’ll never have to worry about the unpredictable future and to give their children the peace of mind to know their parents will live safely, smartly and worry-free. “It is one of the most important decisions someone will make during their lifetime.”

If you have checked two or more on several of these questions, please do call and we can confidentially delve into your scenario over the phone. You may also wish to consider a no-obligation tour of Duncaster if your results show its time to investigate your options. Call us at 860-380-5006. Or fill out our contact us form, and we will answer your questions promptly.

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