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The Moving Talk

Your Children are Not Too Old for THE TALK…

You’ve already had THE TALK with your children when they were teenagers. But, there’s another kind of conversation that may be tougher to have as you get older. It’s THE TALK about moving to a retirement community.

What makes this TALK hard to start is that adult children may be uncomfortable about your decision to step up to a new lifestyle. They may resist the idea of you moving away from the house where they grew up. They may be uncomfortable thinking about a move that signals that you are getting older. And they may have misguided or uninformed ideas of what a retirement community is all about.

At Duncaster, we’ve helped other parents open the door to this difficult discussion with their adult children. Since 1984, we have catered to the interests of people who lead active and engaged lives living in Duncaster’s independent living neighborhoods. Duncaster’s 94-acre campus also offers more intimate neighborhoods for those who may later seek assisted living, memory care, long-term care or rehab services.

When you are ready to have THE TALK with your adult children, let us be a resource. We can help you find the words to explain your decision to move to a community and continue living a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Contact Nancy Sproat today for help starting THE TALK with your adult children.

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